Testing Manual



''The quality of the genetic test depends on the sampling procedure, so you should follow the instructions correctly.''

1) Complete the online Genetic Passport request form.

2) Wear a sterile glove, tear open the buccal swap (cotton swab) from its back end and remove it from its packaging.

3) Do not touch the cotton part of your hand and keep it in contact with any surface.

4) Holding the buccal swap by the handle, apply the cotton tip to the inner surface of the cheek by pressing it lightly for approximately 60 seconds.

5) Only apply the swap to the mucous membrane of the cheek. Do not rub on tongue, palate and teeth.

6) Put the buccal swap back into its packaging without touching it anywhere and do not cover it in any way. (Do not stick open sides)

7) Repeat the same procedure using the other buccal swap on the other cheek (repeat steps 2-3-4-5-6)

8) Write your name and surname on both test packages.

9) Place both samples in the kit envelope.

10). Send the samples to Genetic Trainer Biotechnology Inc. 
(The address is located on the kit envelope)

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