Genetic Trainer Pro™

''Genetic Trainer® system is analyzing the immune system DNA free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic.''

In addition, free reports will be prepared and guidance will be provided in order to minimize genetic disadvantages and to strengthen the immune system with quality nutrition and exercise methods according to genetic predisposition.


The panel based on molecular DNA analysis of the 8 main genic regions encoding the muscle, cardiovascular, skeleton, and immune system.

Genes within the scope of the test; 

● ACTN-3
● SOD2 (rs4880) 
● SOD2 (rs1141718) 
● IL-6 
● IL-6R 
● COL1A1
● TNF 
● GDF5 


● Methods of strengthening and resistance of the immune system against Covid-19 (etc. All viruses), cancer, and spore-induced tissue destruction.!

● The most appropriate sports branches to achieve success at the Olympic or professional level, which are most suitable for the genetic makeup.

● Sports branches that are not suitable for genetic structure (that may cause health problems). Determining the appropriate category or location for the genetic structure.

● Training methods best suited to genetic structure in order to reach maximum performance.

● In order to achieve maximum performance, the most appropriate calorie amounts according to the genetic structure and the protein, carbohydrate, and fat ratios that must be taken according to the genetic structure and sports branch are calculated and sports nutrition programs.

● Determining training characteristics (volume, duration, intensity, frequency, etc.) according to genetic structure in order to increase the sportive performance to the maximum level and to eliminate injuries.

● Supporting the production of deficient or insufficient joint tissue components (collagen etc.) resulting from the genetic characteristics of the skeletal system with appropriate foods and supplements.

● Minimizing oxidative stress resulting from the structural features of the immune system and associated cell deaths.

● Eliminating inflammation and tissue damage with the fastest and healthiest natural methods.

● Determining the healing processes of injuries according to genetic structure.

● Issuing Genetic Passport® 

● Genetic trainer® (Genetic coaching) service!

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