Testing Terms & Conditions

I allow genetic analysis (Molecular DNA Analysis) for the “Genetic Passport Test from a buccal swab sample of my own (cell sample taken from the oral mucosa). I got detailed information about why this test was done and how it was linked to sports, exercise and nutrition. In particular, I have a detailed knowledge of the following topics.


If there is no sufficient amount of cells in the first samples sent or if the quality of the cell sample taken is not suitable for testing, it may be necessary to send the sample again and repeat the analysis.

The aim of this study is to provide genetic information about the genetic changes in the specific points. It does not give any information or opinion about other regions.

The test is helpful in determining the sports performance of the person and which sports are more prone to training and nutrition planning.


Changes in other relevant genetic sites that are not examined because they are not in the scope of the test, may affect the desired level of performance, the recommended exercise/diet type, and fitness planning.

Elite athletic performance is related to genetic predisposition, physical and psychological factors, as well as training characteristics (duration, volume, intensity, frequency), proper nutrition specific, discipline, etc. This means elite athletic performance is under genetic predispositions and many environmental factors.

The results of the tests may result in 30-60 days depending on the selected test panel. The duration of the test may be prolonged in the absence of sufficient cells in the samples or if the quality of the taken cell sample is not suitable for the study.

In the samples taken from the cells and the DNA obtained from these cells, no other test will be studied except the above-mentioned test and the analysis results will not be shared with any official or private, persons or institutions except your Genetic Trainer.

If the DNA cannot be obtained in sufficient or desired quality, it may be requested to send a sample from the client until the result is reached. No refund is made if the client has not given up the test in the laboratory or refuses to send the new sample.

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