ACTN3-ACE-SOD2-SOD2-IL-6R-COL1A1-IL-6-TNF-GDF5-CRP Gene polymorphisms.

Some mutations in the main genetic factors that encode the skeletal system and the immune system lead to easier and more frequent disability of athletes and different healing processes. Knowing these risks allows to regulate training characteristics and recovery processes according to genetic structure, to minimize or completely eliminate the risks of disability.


● Genetic Passport Moloculer DNA analyz report

● Genetic Trainer® consultancy service;

● The most suitable sport branches for achieving the Olympic or professional level that are most suitable for the genetic structure.

● Sport branches that may cause health problems that are not suitable for genetic structure. Determination of the category or position appropriate to the genetic structure.

● The most suitable training methods for genetic performance in order to achieve maximum performance.

● In order to achieve maximum performance, the most appropriate caloric amounts for the genetic structure and the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios that should be taken according to the genetic structure and sports branch have been calculated.

● Determination of the trait characteristics (volume, duration, intensity, frequency, etc.) according to the genetic structure in order to maximize the sprotive performance and eliminate the disability.

● Supporting incomplete or inadequate collagen production due to genetic characteristics of the skeletal system with appropriate nutrients or supplements.

● Minimization of oxidative stress and cell death due to immune system structural features.

Elimination of inflammation and tissue damage with the most rapid and deviant natural methods.

● Determining the healing process of disability according to genetic structure.


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