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Altan Öztepe / Founder & CEO

Genetictrainer® (genetic training) system was found by Altan Öztepe, International Fitness Head Coach. Altan Öztepe has been conducting researches and studies in many countries on genetic susceptibility and sports performance throughout his 26 years of coaching life. All the information he gained until 2010, his experience and work became a written doctrine under the name of Genetictrainer®, and he became the person who brought Genetic Coaching system to the world. As a result of 5 years of a framework and curriculum studies, "Genetictrainer Biotechnology Inc." was established in 2015 and test acquisitions and genetic trainer training started under an institutional structure.


Genetictrainer® System was awarded "Contribution to Sports Sciences" by the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Kırıkkale, University, Turkey (2015). Also in the same year, Genetictrainer® System was registered as genuine Turkish Science and protected by law. (Document No: IEE / 2714)

In 2016, training was also started in Paris to be taught to the French coaches upon request of "INSEP" (French National Sports Institute). Nowadays, Paris training is expanded to include all world trainers and organized as '' International Genetictrainer Training ''. The innovation brought by the Genetictrainer® System to the world has been met with great interest all over the world in a very short time. It has started to be implemented in many countries of the world, Today, Genetictrainer® System has become an international system that has been applied in more than thirty sports branches and in more than twenty countries. In recent years, extraordinary developments in genetic science and technology have increased the confidence and interest in the Genetictrainer system, making it the world's new and modern training system. Genetictrainer® System is recognized by the experts as a milestone in the transition from classical sports science which to modern sports science.

Altan Öztepe is also the founder of Genetic Passport®, the world's first and only genetic recording and tracking system. Genetic Passport® is used in sports and health care in many countries around the world.

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                  Genetic Trainer® System is a registered innovation. Genetic Trainer courses can only be organized by institutes authorized by Genetic Trainer.

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