Power, speed and durability' are the innate basic motor skills! They can not be gained by training! Genetictrainer brings out what is in you with the right training and nutrition within genetic limits!

Altan Öztepe,

Founder / CEO of Genetictrainer® 

What is Genetic Trainer Studio®

Developed science and technology of the 21st century is changing the understanding of sport and performance and all the old habits with it. With Genetictrainer®'s "Genetic Passport DNA" analysis, you no longer need gigantic sports complexes or very expensive and complex equipment to achieve maximum performance! You do not need to injure your knees and ankle joints on the treadmills for hours to burn fat, and you do not need to damage down your tendons under maximal weights to gain muscles!

Genetictrainer Studio®

Optimum Fitness

Burning fat or gaining muscle, whatever your goal is, Genetictrainer system gives you the best way, which based on DNA analysis of your muscles, skeletal, cardiovascular and immune systems to optimize your fitness goals to be more scientific, and more natural. You can only access this kind of technology and service at the GT studios.

Genetictrainer Studio®

Maximum Performans

People are created with three different muscle types and three different cardiovascular system capacities! Their combination results in nine different human genotypes in terms of sporting performance. In GT Studios, Genetictrainer system is made to ensure the maximum performance from the body with nutrition methods and suitable for individual's genetics functional and also useable and variable exercises according to evolution process to make individual reach his/her maximum performance with its own unique literature, exercise and nutrition methodology based on DNA analysis and individuals with different genetic profile. 

Genetictrainer Studio®

Custumized Training for Everybody

For the first time in the world, exercise and nutrition are genuinely personalized. At the GT Studios you will first receive your Genetic Passport®. The DNA sample is obtained with a sterile plastic rod (buccal swap) wrapped around the cotton, we then move the plastic rod inside your mouth to collect your saliva. There is no pain, pain, blood or any side effects during application. Genetic testing is done once because genetic properties do not change for life! As a result of molecular DNA analysis performed in Genetic Passport® laboratories, we then map out your cellular type, cardiovascular capacity, disability risks, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, nutritional intolerances, etc. After determining your genetic characteristics, we organize the most appropriate training and nutrition programs for you. 

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