Genetic Passport® is one of the most important preventive health projects in the world!'

Genetic Passport®

Genetic Passport® is the world's first and only genetic recording and tracking system. Genetic Passport® is a program that allows DNA analysis to be recorded on a database from the moment human beings are born and to avoid any misdiagnosis and unnecessary use of substances by preliminarily detecting and choosing appropriate sports branches, exercise, and healthy nutrition, genetic disease risks. Genetic Passport is a developed health project with the aim of being athletic, healthier and longer human life. Genetic Passport® system is used in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe.

Sports Performance 

It is a matter that has been debated for centuries whether sports performance comes from birth or not. Scientific developments in recent years have put an end to this debate, and as a result of scientific studies, it has been observed that Olympic level or professional level athletes competing in the same category have the same common genetic traits. Genetic Passport® has developed genetic test panels that appeal to athletes of all ages and at all ages, from children's sports branch selection to amateur and professional levels.


Metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, vascular diseases, etc., diseases are genetic-based and lethal problems that interact with environmental conditions. With Genetic Passport® testing, risks can be minimized and even eliminated altogether with the detection of sudden, deadly disease risks, such as obesity, diabetes and heart attack, especially in childhood and by applying appropriate exercise and nutrition methods based on their genetic makeup.

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